Mint Julep

Hey Fashionistas,

Sorry for being MIA for the past month! Things have been super busy but here’s my first boutique review! Hope you all enjoy it 🙂

Are you the type of girl who loves to wear dresses and skirts? Are you attracted to bright colored tops with the occasional patterns mixed in? Or maybe you’re an accessories girl, looking for the perfect earrings to match that beautiful dress you’re going to wear to a friend’s rooftop party? Well then welcome to Mint Julep, a boutique that takes the classic girly fashion style and gives it a refreshing new twist. The dresses are not only flirty and feminine (staple features in the girly fashion), but the different patterns give it a more quirky “sip of style”.

Mint Julep prides itself on its huge assortment of clothes for all sorts of occasions: from a day out on the yacht to a casual stroll in the park. The clothes are vibrant with different colors and patterns that make it a joy to wear during the summer. This store immediately caught my eye when I saw the beautiful dresses and fun accessories displayed in the window. I’m a total girly-girl so you can imagine how ecstatic I was to find a boutique filled with my favorite clothing style. The unique part about this boutique is that it’s filled with different designers from both the US and Europe. Talk about a fashion mix! The style of the clothes gave me a sense of Hamptons meets modern fashionista. Monica (my main model for this blog)and I had a blast picking out clothes for various occasions (see photos below). The outfit themes ranged from dressing up for a garden party to having a casual day out with the girls to sipping Mint Juleps at the Kentucky Derby. One of my favorite outfits was an orange and white patterned strapless dress topped off with a beautiful silver and ivory sunhat, which I ended up buying since the hat was just too cute to pass up! Coincidentally, sunhats are one of THE staple accessories to wear at Kentucky Derby.

The store itself is very quaint and cozy. The wooden benches with patterned throw pillows and warm lighting were very welcoming. On top of that, I got to meet the owner of the boutique and she was very hospitable! She was very accommodating and attentive to everyone in the store, despite the many customers the store attracted. She was very engaging and personable with everyone, helping them pick out clothes and accessories. At one point, she was even helping a woman put an outfit together for a Tony Awards viewing party. Talk about being a great boutique owner and fashion stylist! This store is perfect for any women looking for that special outfit. Not only are the clothes adorable, but the prices are pretty affordable for a boutique like this! (And this is coming from a college student!!)

To all my fashionistas out there, you should definitely check out this boutique either in person or online: They have several locations both in Boston and New York City. The clothes here are fun and unique and I guarantee you will always find something to wear for any occasion!


Chrissie Carly

Casual cute

Shopping date with the girls!

Kentucky Derby

Garden Party

Casual Day on the Yacht


Mint Julep

3 thoughts on “Mint Julep

  1. Loving your post! I’m not much into fashion but this boutique sounds like a fun place to go to. Brownie points for being names Mint Julep ( I love all things mint! )

    Keep bloggin’!

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