Brrr….It’s Cold in Here. There must be some Spring in the atmosphere???

Hey Fashionistas!

As you can tell from the blog title, It’s Spring and it’s still cold?? I mean it snowed 2 days ago……2 DAYS AGO!!! Can winter just please take a break or are we just skipping spring this year?

If you’re like me, you’re probably tired of winter colors and practically dying to wear some fun spring colors!! Well no worries, because you totally can!! Bring Spring into Winter!! (Even though, it’s technically already Spring….)

How do I stay warm and cute? Play up pastels with some dark colors! My go-to-pastel color is…you guessed it! Baby Pink or Blush! This Saturday snowed and I was supposed to go shopping with a couple of my friends. I had to stay warm but no way was I sacrificing cute spring colors for some snow! So I decided to keep the colors of my outfit basic but of course adding in a light blush circle scarf.

photo (36)

Staying warm in a peacoat, blush circle scarf, and my favorite Genevieve pom pom beret from Eugenia Kim!

Yesterday was a tad warmer and the sun was shining!! Yayyyy!! Since it was Palm Sunday and to add some green into my church outfit, I threw on a mint green sweater, a black skirt, my trusty blush knit circle scarf (again), warm black tights, my black boots, and (because it was super sunny) my new favorite sunglasses. I felt like a total diva in those sunglasses!

photo (39)

So there you have it! Two of my outfits that add a little more spring into this neverending winter! However, it does look like it’s gonna be a lot warmer this week so here’s hoping to showing off some spring clothes 🙂

Below are just a few more fashion inspiration! Make sure to check out the rest of my clothing and fashion inspiration on Pinterest! 




Fashionista Questions:

How do you stay warm and cute in the winter?

What are some spring colors you like to wear in the winter?

What’s your favorite spring item to wear?



2 thoughts on “Brrr….It’s Cold in Here. There must be some Spring in the atmosphere???

  1. Hi Christine, I was inspired by you on my last trip to the mall! The Gap had a bunch of bright colors (yay!) so I stocked up:: light blue jean/jeggings- SO comfy, a pale pink linen button down, a pastel purple cotton long sleeve shirt, and a PINK dress with a floral pattern.

    • Cara,
      Those clothes sound absolutely sooo cute!! Of course, I’ll always approve of anything pink 🙂 It’s getting warmer now so here’s to hoping that we’ll get to see more pastel colors!!

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