#TBT Purdy Girl

Heyyy Fashionistas,

Today I’m throwing it back….wayy back to this past summer when I visited one of my favorite boutiques in NYC, Purdy Girl.

I’m sure many people can relate when I say that choosing the right outfit is sometimes harder than choosing what to make for dinner. Purdy Girl is a one-stop place where a fashionista can find an outfit for any occasion that works for day and night.

The clothes are very chic and girly. Purdy Girl sells clothes that aren’t too specific so each clothing apparel has tons of versatility. Depending on how you wear it and what you can pair it with, you can wear the outfit to multiple occasions. Need a white dress to stand out at a cocktail party? Try on the white sequined dress that Monica wore! But wait…you’re going to a garden party, you say? Wear a simple white a-line dress perfect for warm spring weather.

photo (48)

Monica rocking the big sequins and looking classy ❤

photo (43)

Ready for a garden party!! But first, let’s add in some color with my sunset-colored headband 😉

One of my favorite outfits that I tried on made me feel ready for a Fourth of July celebration.

photo (44)

Navy cut out tank top, high-waisted red shorts (inspired from Mickey Mouse?), white straw fedora with navy band

Now most outfits that I chose were more trendy but fear not! For my more simple and minimal fashionistas, there is a whole wall full of basic tees, tanktops, shorts, etc. Purdy Girl keeps all fashionistas in mind!

photo (52)

Basic tees, tanks, camis, etc + those gorgeous shoes ❤ #strut

Need to have an outfit that goes from day to night? You can change and play up your work outfit with the accessories section in Purdy Girl. There is a huge section right next to the changing rooms decorated with tons and tons of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Talk about prime location! Try some clothes on and walk less than a feet away to spice up the outfit even more!

photo (54) photo (51) photo (53)

The most unique thing that popped out to me were the chandeliers. There were even gold necklaces dangling from the ceiling making it feel more like a huge walk-in closest rather than a store. The store was was bustling with customers, but the sales associates were super aware of what all the customers need. From the time I spent there, I noticed many shoppers were actually frequent customers. The store associates had established a strong relationship with them and knew immediately what they were looking for. Now that is quality customer relationship right there!

photo (41)

photo (46)

Lovee these white lace shorts!! Putting that on my list for my next shopping trip!!

photo (50)

Maxi dresses are best for staying breezy in the summer if you don’t want to show too much skin!

photo (49)

Another favorite type of top I love to wear during the summer are babydoll tops! I love the flowy feeling!

photo (45) photo (42)
















Fashionista Thoughts:

What kind of accessories do you like to wear to make an outfit work from day to night?

Have you gone to a theme party recently? What did you wear to it?

Leave your comments below ❤



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