Moose Slippers and a little bit of country??

Happy New Year Fashionistas,

It’s 2016 and of course, what is New Year’s without some sort of resolution? So one of my resolutions this year is blogging more (or at least once a week)…..starting with this blog post!

So now let’s talk about New Year’s outfits! With all the celebrations and parties that led into the new year, fun party outfits are most def a must! Depending on what kind of party you’re going to, you might be wearing sequins and stilettos. Or you might be wearing something a little more elegant if you’re going to a more classier event. (did anyone go to a masquerade party?? those are the best!!)


I started my New Year’s Eve morning heading to the gym in some cute workout clothes and then changed into some more work appropriate attire #preppybutcasual


Coach ponytail scarf as a headband, Ann Taylor black cardigans and purple ruched top, American Eagle jeans, and knee high black heeled boots that I got from my friend (sorry, I couldn’t remember the brand)

Later that night, I had a super fun New Year’s Eve….staying in!! It was a much needed quality family bonding time – eating a yummy dinner, having awesome conversations and starting a 1000-piece puzzle of my second home city, Boston as we waited for the ball to drop! #familyandchill Now just because I stayed in, didn’t mean that I couldn’t have some fun dressing up (or in my case, dressing down). I wore Chip and Dale pjs, a Mickey Mouse Sweater, and at the stroke of midnight, I pulled out my brand new Crazy Moose Slippers!!! #22 #childatheart

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I did end up going out New Years’ night with one of my best friends from Boston. We went out to a country bar dressed in flannel (of course) and I had the chance to use my brand new ELF Cosmetics makeup that I bought right before the New Years. Surprisingly, my friend and I were two of the 4 people who wore flannel. Everyone else wore jeans and sweaters….maybe they were just trying to stay warm?? Either way, I had a super fun time dancing and enjoying some great country music.

So there you have it! My simple but still fashionably cute New Year’s “extravaganza”! As my favorite country singer, Luke Bryan sings, “That’s my kind of night!”



Fashionista thoughts:

Do you have fun crazy slippers?

What kind of outfits did you wear for your New Years’ Eve Party?

What are your New Years’ Resolutions?


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