Lent: 40 Day Closet Challenge

Hey Fashionistas,

Lent is finally here which means it’s time for a little fasting in preparation for one of my favorite season, Easter! For those who don’t know what Lent is, it is a time when Catholics reflect and live a simpler lifestyle to become closer to God. During this time, typically we give up something that we are heavily attached to – known as Fasting (ie. checking social media every 10 minutes #guiltyascharged). Others might decide to do something that they normally wouldn’t do – known as Service (ie. waking up a little earlier to pray the rosary). The ultimate goal during Lent is to refocus our attention from little distractions to God.

So what am I doing for Lent this year? For those who know me, I have a huge problem of constantly complaining that I have nothing to wear, even though I have a closet and wardrobe filled to the brim with clothes.


So, I have decided to participate in a 40 Day Closet Challenge. It’s pretty much the same as what my role model, Leah Darrow did a while back for the 30 Day Closet Challenge. She only had 7 items of clothing but I decided I’m going to have 9 pieces since my work attire and weekend attire don’t necessarily overlap. Here are the rules:

  1. Choose 9 pieces of clothing (tops and bottoms only). I chose:
    • Black Slacks
    • Black Pencil Skirt
    • Dark Blue Skinny Jeans
    • Cream colored blouse
    • Navy shell blouse with embellished beaded neckline
    • Navy Cardigan with cute gold buttons
    • Mint green fuzzy sweater
    • Maroon and navy striped sweater
    • Red criss cross sweater
  2. Accessories, shoes, jackets, undergarment, and pajamas don’t count
  3. Tank tops (to provide coverage for sheer tops)
  4. Activewear don’t count. They can only be worn during workouts, not on a daily basis.
  5. Be creative!
  6. Pray ❤ ❤

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So there you have it! My 9 items of clothing for the next 40 days 🙂  As I chose these items, I kept in mind two things: simplicity and fun. The tops are simple enough to wear to work, yet not too boring that become super dull. The sweaters could easily overlap from work attire to weekend attire. These items also allow me to go from a day to night look! I am so ready to get this challenge started! ❤ ❤


To make this even more fun, I invite all of you to join me! Don’t worry if you don’t participate in Lent or if you don’t believe in the faith! I invite all of my fashion lovers to join me in this challenge because… well why not? It’ll get to really test our fashion creativity and allows us to focus on a more simpler fashion life! (Teehee…never thought I would ever say that!) Just use the hashtag #BBClosetChallenge on Instagram or Twitter to show me your outfits! I can’t wait to start this Fashion Challenge with you ❤



Fashionista Thoughts:

1. What are you doing for Lent?

2. Any fun accessories or shoes you wear to style up a simple outfit?

3. What is your go-to top that you can wear for any occasion?



2 thoughts on “Lent: 40 Day Closet Challenge

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