Fashion Vlog: What’s in my Bag??

Hey Fashionistas,

It’s finally feeling like Spring and I am beyond excited for the warm weather and breezy walks during my breaks at work. I can’t wait for it to get even warmer so I can start wearing my spring dresses!



Now before I move on with the main topic, I just wanted to update you on how the 40-day closet challenge is going. Ummm…to put it in simple terms…..EXTREMELY HARD!! I miss my closet and especially with this super warm weather, I’ve been craving to wear cuter dresses and skirts. But we are getting close to Easter so I’m def going to finish strong. I also  might or might not already be planning a super cute Easter outfit already 😉

Now moving on to the main topic of this post, I just made my very first VLog!! Shout out to Alison from Daily Moves and Grooves for giving me this idea! This first VLog is all about what is in my cotton candy pink tote bag, which I use every day to go to work. I hope you all enjoy it 🙂

Song: Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman, Piano



Fashionista Thoughts:

1. What’s something you always carry around in your bag?

2. How excited are you for some Spring fashion?

3. What’s your favorite Ariana Grande song?

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