10 Thoughts on surviving my first 10K

Hey Fit Fashionistas,

So I did it!!! A miracle has happened! Praise the Lord!! I survived my very first 10K this past Saturday!!

Ok…ok…so I’m being a tad bit of a drama queen. The NYRR mini 10K was actually pretty fun. I ran my very first race with my twin Erica, who has been doing races for a pretty long time now. What makes this NYRR mini 10K so special is that this is an all women’s race, some are consistent runners, while others like me are doing this for the very first time. There were even elite runners…you know.. the ones that can actually qualify for the Olympics!! The weather was nice and there were tons of beautiful strong women cheering and supporting each other.

The best part of the race was seeing my twin at sidelines near the finish line cheering for me!! She finished way before me so it was amazing to see her wonderful smile at the finish line. So in reality, it wasn’t really all that bad….but the mental journey I went through was definitely….something.

1. Race day! Let’s do this. I got my cute new pink purple printed running capris and my brand new pink and navy new asics running shoes. CARPE DIEM!!

2. Woooo! We’re here! I am all stretched and ready to go!


3. Ok this is all pretty decent. All flat and pretty easy. Oh Heyyy look that! Mile 2 already! Killing it Christine..ohh water station!!

4. Uphill…uphill…ok not too bad yet. I can do this! Focus on getting to mile 3, push through it!

5. Wowwww I am really hungry. And where is this water station?? Is this some sort of sick joke? Are they trying to kill me? Does this hill end?

6. Ok Christine, focus on your breathing…focus. Why am I so hungry?? Ughh that little waffle felt like hours ago. Oh no…I’m going to throw up.

7. Omgawd…this is never going to end. When did Central Park become so big? Hail Mary, Full of grace…. Oh thank gawd water station!!

8. Werkk!! Yass!! Ok mile 5 done. One more mile! Now where is that finish line?? Why in the world is it all the way over there? Is this rigged?

9. There it is! I see it! The finish line…ok tunnel vision time! You can do this. Just get to the…ohh HIII ERICA!!

10. Weeee!! I did it 🙂 I can’t believe I actually finished! My very first race and I survived! Is this real li…. Ohh pink bagels.. Yum!!


PR: 11:05 min/mile


Such an honor to even meet some of the elite runners of the race!


Best prize of all ❤ ❤




P.S. Current mood (also this is like my favorite filter everrr)


Fashionista Thoughts:

Have you ever done a race? How did you feel during? After?

Any tips to share to making races less…painful (of course during the run)?

What’s your favorite food to eat after the race? Mine is really the fries but why not go for a burger while I’m at it, right?


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