OOTD: Superbowl Sunday

Hey Fashionistas,

Time to put your game face on and get ready for the SUPERBOWL!! Now I’m not sure how big of a fan you are, but I am a huge football fan! Go Patriots!! #patsnation #drivefor5



**Side note: A lot of my friends were shocked that I was so into football. But hey…just because a girl likes all things pink and glitter, doesn’t mean that she’s not into sports.

Now you’re probably thinking, why is a girl born and raised in NYC such a huge Patriots fan? Well…I went to college in Boston (Go Terriers!!) and really started getting into football there. So…being a college girl acclimating to Boston, naturally I would fall in love with the Patriots!

So by now, you can probably guess that with today’s special event, of course I have to dress for the occasion.


And of course, a little makeup never hurt anyone.

Silver smokey eyeshadow with navy blue eyeliner



Chrissie Carly

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