My Post Makeup Routine

Hey Fashionistas,

Every makeup lover knows that the makeup routine doesn’t just end with just taking off makeup. Wearing makeup can really clog up your pores or dry up your skin. The post makeup routine is super important for keeping the skin healthy and fresh after a day of full face makeup.

So this is my post makeup routine. Now keep in mind, I don’t wear full face makeup every day so this routine is only after a long day of wearing makeup and I just need to treat myself to a mini spa for my face.

First, I start off with wiping off all my makeup. Me…being the Queen of Extra, of course, I not only have one makeup remover, but three makeup removers. My go to makeup remover is Garnier Skin Active -Micellar Cleansing Water

**Tip of the Day: Never ever ever go to bed with makeup on. It’s extremely bad for your skin. For those of you who are too exhausted to move, let alone go to the bathroom to take your makeup off, my suggestion is to have makeup wipes near your bed. Even if you can’t take all your makeup off, makeup wipes get most of it and at least will allow your skin to breathe when you go to bed.

With all my makeup off, I grab my Kiehl’s cleanser to wash and clean my face. My skin is very sensitive so it took me forever to find this beauty! It is strong enough to really clean my skin but soft enough where it doesn’t feel like my skin is being scrubbed raw.


Now, this is my favorite part! After a good cleanse, I like to rehydrate my face with some face masks. My go to face mask is Sephora’s Face Mask. I’ve used both the eye and face mask in Pearl and Avocado.

Depending on the lipstick that I wore (matte lipstick), I would use a lip scrub or a lip mask. My current favorite lip mask is by Bite Beauty in Champagne. To make a lip scrub, I like to mix it with sugar.


Then I’ll put on a thin coat of Smith’s Strawberry Lip Balm to keep my lips nice and soft.


The last and final step of my mini face spa treatment is moisturizer.



Chrissie Carly

Fashionista thoughts:

What is your post makeup routine?

Any face masks you recommend? I’m looking to try some new ones!

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