OOTD: Govenors Ball

Hey Fashionistas,

So I went to my very first music festival this past weekend – Governors Ball! It was so much fun (despite the port-a-potties) and I couldn’t stop smiling all day. I loved every second of it – from eating the super yummy food to listening to music I’ve never heard of until now (teehee) to spending time with some of my best friends.


Now for all my fashionistas and makeup lovers who have gone to music festivals, you all know that festival attire and makeup are, of course, of utmost importance! Some of the makeup looks I saw at the festival were gorgeous – elaborate face paintings, jewelry and beading on the face, etc. I, however, went for a more natural makeup look, BUT I did change things up with the eye makeup. Ever since I came back from San Diego, I’ve really been into the bronze gold look. For Governors ball, I decided to go with a rose pink look to match my flower crown.

I knew that I was going to be dancing in warm weather so I made sure to use my new BB cream from Clinique – Clinique Acne Solution BB Cream SPF 40. It was the perfect lightness to even out my skin tone without clogging my pores AND protect my face from the sun!

Now moving on to a little #OOTD…

For Governors ball, I wanted the focal point to be my flower crown so I opted for pretty basic colors with subtle pops of pink to complete the look. I chose my favorite cream colored lace tank top and threw that over a hot pink bralette. I wore that with my favorite pair jean shorts and some simple white sneakers. I also made sure to bring a light sweater since it was definitely going to be cold at night. We didn’t leave Gov Ball until 11pm!

This was my very first music festival and I had such a blast! I can’t wait until my next music festival or concert!!


Chrissie Carly

Fashionista Thoughts

What do you wear to music festivals?

Have you ever been to Governors ball or maybe you were there this past weekend??

Airplane OOTDs & What’s in my Travel Bag?

Hey Fashionistas,

Happy Easter!! So guess, where I am right now?? SAN DIEGO!!!

That’s right…San Diego, home to beautiful beaches and where my best friend, practically sister, and former college roommate lives right now. I’m going to be in San Diego for a week visiting my best friend Katelyn, so if you are from here, feel free to suggest some attractions to visit!


Technically not San Deigo yet, but still…reunited with my best friend!

Now, traveling can be quite tiring and by the time you reached your destination, you can kind of look like a train wreck. Trust me.. I’ve been there and it was NOT cute!! So, as a fashionista, I’m going to show you how I dress comfy cute while traveling!

The two most important things to remember when flying is comfort and staying warm (the latter is mainly for me…teehee). I absolutely love flying and going to new places, but one thing I never look forward to is how cold it is on the plane. I absolutely can’t stand the cold so for all flights, I’ll always have tons of layers on.

I am wearing a magenta pink sleeveless blouse under my favorite Boston University half zip-up sweater #GoTerriers! I’m pairing this up with my favorite pair of AE jeans and brown suede boots. And…for extra warmth, my AE trench coat.

Now you’re probably thinking, why am I wearing a sleeveless blouse if I’m always cold on the airplane? Well, San Diego is going to be super warm and I am going to a surprise birthday party once I get off the plane. I gotta make sure i’m dressed to the nines – from planes to parties #LittleMissPopular 😉

My favorite part of my outfit, however, is my Forever 21 baby pink rhinestone baseball cap. Every time I travel, regardless how I travel, I will always wear a cap. It just completes my outfit, ya know??

Now moving to what’s in my bag….


I generally go for a big tote bag when traveling to carry everything – electronics, makeup, snacks, etc. Right now, my bag holds:

Laptop & charger
Michael Kors wallet/wristlet
Phone & charger
Boarding pass, tickets, and any other paper documents for travel
2 packs of gum
Makeup bag
Some yummy snacks – all vegetarian because…Lent

….And what’s in my makeup bag?


Maybelline Lipstick – Raw Chocolate
Clinique Quick Eyeliner
Elf Lash Curler
Smith’s Lip Balm
Nivea Hand Cream
Sephora Mirror

When I travel, I stay away from using face products since the air in the airplane can be extremely drying and harsh on the skin. To be honest, I actually wear no makeup other than lip balm and moisturizer to keep my skin and lips hydrated. I also wear my eyeglasses when I travel for max comfort. I will, however, give my lashes a quick curl, put on some lipstick and eyeliner right before I get off the plane, just so I look a little bit more presentable.



Chrissie Carly

Fashionista Thoughts:

What’s your go-to travel outfit?

What do you carry with you in your makeup bag?

Any places you suggest me to visit in San Diego?

February Shopping Haul

Hey Fashionistas,

Happy February!! My inner blonde came out to play 😉


Rimmel Insta-flawless Perfecting Radiant Skin Tint
NYX Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer
Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara
Jordana Sculpt n Go Contour Stick
NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator
Clinique Cheek pop/Blush pop
NYX Ombre Blush
Elf Aqua Beauty Blush & Bronzer
Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude Lipstick – Raw Chocolate & Beige Babe


Chrissie Carly

How I didn’t let my Eating Disorder take away my Love for Fashion

Hey Fashionistas,

Soo…February is National Eating Disorder Awareness month and yes, I know I’m a little late in posting this but it’s been a pretty rough month for myself in terms of eating disorders. Chinese New Year was this month which means holiday eating anxiety was constantly in the back of my mind. Looking back at my journey to recovery and staying in recovery, one thing I am glad for is that I didn’t lose my love for fashion to ED.


The fashion industry is known for both women AND men to have eating disorders, and yes I have been one of them. Now my eating disorder didn’t start in the fashion industry but working in the fashion industry for a few summers definitely played a huge part in my ED. I was never a model but I was constantly striving to be skinny and beautiful like my coworkers who **seemed to have more self control when it came to choosing a salad over a burger.

The longer I stayed working in the fashion industry, the deeper I fell into my eating disorder. I hated my body and started getting extremely scared of trying and buying clothes. I constantly was trying out different diets and even when my fashion internships were completed and I was back in school, I was still obsessed with how I looked and wanting to be perfect in my clothes. The world I loved so much was starting to suck me in deeper and deeper into my ED thoughts. Deep down, I knew that I needed to stop this unhealthy cycle but I was too scared. I was convinced that it meant I would have to leave the fashion industry, which eventually I did.

However as I started to take steps to recovery, I realized one thing: Just because I was no longer working in the industry didn’t mean that fashion was gone. No, absolutely not. Growing up, I lived and breathed fashion. It was a part of me and my way of expressing myself. I had convinced myself that fashion was about looking skinny and perfect, but in reality, fashion is about expressing who I was as a person – strong, brave, and beautiful because God made me that way. As Blair Waldorf says, “Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.” So true!! After realizing that, my love for fashion came back. Yes, I no longer work in the fashion industry but my love for fashion is still alive – through this blog! This blog has allowed me to pursue and express my fashion sense through my own eyes and no one else’s.

Sure, I still have days where my eating disorder thoughts are out in full blown force and not being able to wear certain clothing sizes still gives me anxiety. But I know fashion was and still is my way of expressing to the world my inner beauty and how I see myself. And NOTHING…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will take that away from me ever again.



Chrissie Carly

For more information about eating disorders and how to help either yourself or someone you love fight ED, check out http://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org.

**this was what I perceived (distorted eating perceptions)…not exactly what happened

OOTD: Superbowl Sunday

Hey Fashionistas,

Time to put your game face on and get ready for the SUPERBOWL!! Now I’m not sure how big of a fan you are, but I am a huge football fan! Go Patriots!! #patsnation #drivefor5



**Side note: A lot of my friends were shocked that I was so into football. But hey…just because a girl likes all things pink and glitter, doesn’t mean that she’s not into sports.

Now you’re probably thinking, why is a girl born and raised in NYC such a huge Patriots fan? Well…I went to college in Boston (Go Terriers!!) and really started getting into football there. So…being a college girl acclimating to Boston, naturally I would fall in love with the Patriots!

So by now, you can probably guess that with today’s special event, of course I have to dress for the occasion.


And of course, a little makeup never hurt anyone.

Silver smokey eyeshadow with navy blue eyeliner



Chrissie Carly

Trendy Tuesdays: Leather Jackets

Hey Fashionistas,

Welcome back to another series of mine: #trendytuesdays, where I talk about a favorite  trend that I’ve been into lately. I did one last year and I’m bringing it into the new year. Today, we’re talking about the classic leather jackets.

Now when you meet me, I’m pretty much the classic girlie girl who loves all things pink, glitter, and will always pick a dress over jeans any day. However, for this look, I decided to take my rebel side out for a spin.

I decided to go for a tough girlie look and paired the jacket with a cream leaf patterned sweater. Add some dark blue jeans tucked into some black leather boots to the look. And of course for the final touches, I decided to curl my hair to completely transform my look.


This look was super fun to wear and I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can come up with more outfits featuring the classic leather jacket.


Chrissie Carly



Screaming Mimi’s

“Thats all they really want
Some fun
When the workin’ day is done
Oh girls they wanna have fun
Oh girls just wanna have fun”
                                           – Cyndi Lauper, Girls just want to have fun

Hey Fashionistas!

Welcome to the 80s! Want to go back in time even more? How about the 1970s? Not far back enough? Travel all the way back to the roaring 20s! Screaming Mimi’s is all about the vintage fashion style. This boutique is filled with iconic fashion pieces from each decade dating all the way back to the 1920s. Screaming Mimi’s is a very popular place for people to find their costume for a themed party or for Halloween. Complete with costumes and quirky accessories, Screaming Mimi’s gives all fashionistas chances to let their creativity run wild!

If you grew up playing dress up, then Screaming Mimi’s is the place for you! The amounts of outfits you can create are endless. We tried on flapper dresses from the 1920s, prom dresses from the 1950s, tutus, corsets, baby doll dresses, etc. There was even a section of clothes for all of our disco-era lovers to channel their inner John Travolta. And let’s not forget that no outfit is complete withput some fun accessories. The boutique sells gorgeous headdresses, masks, and other popular accessories associated with its respective fashion decade. Screaming Mimi’s is a girl’s dream dress-up closet!

With its lively music and atmosphere, the store invites the customers to go through the racks of clothes and try them on. Although the store aisles are cramped, it actually works to the store’s advantage. Each clothing rack highlights a different theme or decade, so shoppers can see how the fashion fads have changed throughout the years. If the store gets too overwhelming for you, the sales associates are more than willing to help you put together the perfect outfit that you had in mind. They are very friendly and give great advice on how to make each outfit and costume work. This boutique is not only a fun place to shop in but the customers get a fashion 101 on vintage. Who says shopping can’t be educational?

To learn more about Screaming Mimi’s and their exciting costumes, visit their website: http://www.screamingmimis.com/


Chrissie Carly

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