Workout tips & my new favorite snack

Hey Fit fashionistas,

I’m backkkkkkk!



….with some fun gym motivation to keep that #gymgrind going!

Going to the gym can get pretty boring…especially if you’re doing the same thing over and over again, am I right?? Don’t get me wrong! I love the gym as you can tell if you follow me on Snapchat and Instagram with my constant gym selfies.

However, sometimes doing the same workout circuits gets boring and personally…that makes me just start slacking off at the gym. So here are some of my tips that help me make my workouts more fun!

Create an awesome playlist. Depending on the type of workout, I’ll change up my gym playlist. Usually, I really like pop and upbeat music just because it just makes me happy and want to dance through my workout…I actually have started dancing at the gym in the middle of a workout 😉 Sometimes when I’m feeling stressed and working through some stress and tension, I’ll put on  a “Girl Power” playlist to remind myself of my strength and awesomeness.

My top 2 favorite songs: Can’t stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake & Hair by Little Mix

Planning out your workout ahead of time. I love going through different fitness blogs and especially pinterest and put together my workout the night before. Plus with a set workout, it’s easier to stay focus at the gym instead of constantly thinking up of workouts on the spot. Though, I do enjoy some spontaneity in my workouts sometimes.


Some of my favorite workouts come from these beauties: Tone It Up, Fit University, and Peanut Butter Runner!!

Sign up for fitness classes! It can either be weekly or monthly or just a one time thing. My sister and I during the summer last year ended up going to a free yoga class at Lululemon where I met an amazing yoga instructor! Dina was super fun to work out with and really great with modifying yoga poses for people who had injuries. The best part?? She not only hosts yoga classes but offers yoga with wine!!! #drinkandbefit am I right??


Come up with fun names for your workouts. Squats are squats and jumping jacks are jumping jacks. However, if I change the name and add in a fun twist to it, it makes it more entertaining and creative. Changing “planks” to “Superman planks” makes it so much more fun to do and plus…I mean aren’t we all superstars when we work out.

#throwback to last year when I turned 22!! ❤ ❤

Bring a friend! I love working out with my friends because you can cheer each other on, especially when it starts to get tough. I love working out with my sister because I know that she would help me push through a tough workout and vice versa.


My favorite workout buddy is my twin Erica!! ❤ ❤ #meow

Lastly, HAVE FUN!!! Workouts can be super fun – with the right attitude and mindset. Plus who doesn’t like having those endorphins running through you after a good workout? Am I right??

Also, my new favorite post workout snack and honestly snack for whenever – JUICES!! The area where I work has tons of Juice stores and my personal favorite, Juice Carts!! They are super yummy and very very filling. Here’s my personal favorite: Kale, Spinach, Mango, and Banana. *I was too hungry to take a picture of it first #picturefailsofablogger




Fashionista Thoughts:

How do you keep your workouts fun?

What’s your favorite workout move? I would love to give them a try!!

What’s your go-to workout song?

Form, Forming, Formation

Hi Fit Fashionistas,

So if you’ve been noticing lately on my Instagram and blog, I’ve really been into doing pushups. Mainly because I was nominated to do the #drop22challenge by a friend of mine. I have to do 22 pushups every day for 22 days….Talk about a workout!

Now for anyone and everyone that knows about pushups, your form is of utmost importance. Having correct form for any sort of exercise actually can save you from a lot of painful injuries in the future. My pushup form is absolutely atrocious – dipped back, butt too up…it’s just not a pretty sight. Finally after trying to fix it myself and asking a lot of my friends for advice, I reached out to my really good friend and fitness & health coach from college, Cara from the Balanced Bod.


Cara and I planned a google hangout session to work on my form and only having been on a session for 10 minutes, I already felt a difference. I told Cara my issues and within minutes into the conversation, she figured out exactly what corrections I had to make. Not only does she fix the problems, but she explained why the problem/issue existed so that I really understood what my body was doing.

So what were some tips that I learned?

  1. Women’s back naturally dip giving us that wonderful curve that us beautiful women have. In order to counteract that, imagine you are pulling your belly button up to the ceiling, but without pushing your hips up and not curving up like you’re a cat.
  2. Once your belly button is up and tight, tuck your hips in – almost like you are squeezing or tightening your butt.
  3. Now that your back is straight, slowly lower your whole body but still keeping the tight plank form. If you feel your back start to dip, pause and slowly adjust yourself into the correct form before continuing to lower yourself.
  4. For beginners like me, don’t worry about going low until your arms are 90 degrees and your chest is close to the ground. What’s more important is having the correct form. Small tiny movements with correct form is more important than having a wide range of movement with poor form.
  5. Lastly, make sure to breathe! Inhale as you go down and exhale as you push away/up from the ground.

With all these corrections in mind, I took it to the gym and already I could feel a change! My form is still far from perfect and I still make the same mistakes, but what’s important is that I catch and fix myself into proper form.


Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.52.19 PM


Cara is an amazing fitness, health, & wellness coach. She really works one on one to really understand her clients and their needs. Having taught me for a semester in college, she really understands how I work, my strengths, weaknesses, and injuries. She is both patient and loving and anyone who works with her will definitely gain something from her – if not something about fitness, definitely a friend ❤


For more information on working and training with Cara, head over to The Balanced Bod ❤ ❤



Fashionista Thoughts

Do you like doing pushups?

What kind of crazy pushups have you done?

Who is your #balancedbuddy? Make sure to thank them for helping you keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle!