#OOTDs…and a surprise video

Hey Fashionistas,

It’s been one very fashionable week for me … Especially after my 40 day closet challenge! It’s also been a very long week since I traveled to Boston this past weekend to visit and surprise my BU friends! So this post is gonna be super short – just highlighting my outfits for the week.

Starting Mondays with business chic


Tuesday with a little bit of print


And on Wednesdays, we wear pink

Travel chic Thursdays


Time for a little silliness #terriersNation

From Flex it Fridays with Cara from The Balanced Bod


To Fashion Fridays


And ending with Country Fridays y’all ❤


A little Saturday rain never stopped me from wearing a dress


Ending the week with a little #selfiesundays

….and I also have another surprise for you!! Some of you may not know but I am also very much into fitness. So when I was in Boston, I met up with Cara from The Balanced Bod and Sarah from Fit University. I ended up shooting my very first Zumba dance….which you will have the honor of seeing right now!

*disclaimer: most of the moves I made up myself except for the chorus which I learned straight from the original music video

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Fashionista Thoughts:

What’s one outfit you wore last week that you really liked?

Do you like zumba?

Have you ever changed into 3 different outfits in one day?



Workin 9 to 5 Fashion

Hey Fashionistas!

For all my working professionals who recently graduated (…aka about 9 months ago), going from college life to working life can be quite a change. From waking up at 11am for class and ending your day at 3pm to waking up at 6am everyday, heading to the office around 8 or 9am and working to 5pm, it can be a…uh… you know..uh…fascinating transition!


So how do I deal with this transition? By focusing on the the new fashion changes of course! After all, when the going gets tough, dress to beat it 😉 As much as I love getting to wear casual and cute clothes that might not necessarily be work appropriate, there is nothing better than feeling like an adult wearing clothes that just scream business!

The dress code at my job is business casual, so I have a little bit more leeway when it comes to dressing for work. Some days I can wear a nice sweater with some black slacks. Other days, I can dress up it a little more and wear a nice blouse, black skirt and heels. For me, I like to spice up business casual wear with accessories and pops of color!


Because last week was actually warm??

Another great fashion perk at my job is that we have Casual Fridays! Depending on what I’m doing after work or how I’m feeling, I’ll go super casual and laid-back or trendy and chic.


Bringing some more Boston love to work ❤


Casual trendy with navy lace peplum top and classic blue jeans

One thing that I always find a bit tough is going from a day to night look – one that looks professional at work but fun and trendy for a dinner with the girls. My advice is to keep the outfits simple but play with the accessories and make up after work! Another trick you can do (on a warmer day) is to wear a blazer or cardigan in the office and take it off after work.


A simple updo to pretty waves and I’m ready for happy hour!


From the office to a Thai dinner with Alison (blogger of Daily Moves and Grooves)

Overall, business attire can be pretty trendy, of course taking into consideration the company environment you are in. Remember, if you’re dressed the part, “workin’ 9 to 5 doesn’t have to drive you crazy” ❤

*Disclaimer: Business casual attire can vary depending on the work environment. The outfits you saw may not work for all business casual work environment.



Fashionista Thoughts:

What kind of work environment do you work in and how do you dress for it?

What’s your day to night look?

For all my country fans out there, does anyone recognize that last quote from somewhere? 😉