New Year, New Me

Hey Fashionistas,

So this happened….


Yep, I went blonde!!! Really blonde….go big or go home right??

**Photo credit: Holiday Office Photographer

Lols ok…ok…so it’s actually a wig. The wig was part of my costume for the annual holiday office party. The theme was pop stars so a couple of my coworkers and I decided to be The Voice judges. Can you guess who I was???



So how was it being blond? Do blondes really have more fun? Maybe…I definitely got a lot of compliments and attention. By the end of the night, the blond hair had really grown on me and I actually felt like Barbie. My selfies were most certainly on point so that’s always a plus #selfiequeen


But honestly, I can’t really say for sure how it would feel being a blonde since throughout the night, my head was starting to get really hot under the wig. I do know though that I think I look better with my natural dark hair than Barbie blonde.

But…in the spirit of the “New Year, New Me” mantra, I did get a haircut. I just didn’t go blonde. I went a more subtle route and got layers instead 🙂


Chrissie Carly (*new signature)

**Not all photos are taken by me. Photo credit: Holiday Party Photographer & my coworkers

Fashionista Thoughts:

Have you ever worn a wig? How did it look?

What are you looking forward to in the New Year?

Did you make any changes for 2017?

FitFashion Fabulous

Hey Fashionistas …. and FitFam!

Surprise! I’m expanding my blog and adding a little section about…you guessed it! FITNESS!! ❤



Why am I doing this? If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice that half of my posts are about fitness. Fitness has played a pretty big part in my life in fully learning how to love fashion in a way not to cover my flaws but instead to express myself in a confident and beautiful way. Fitness has and is still helping me fight my eating disorder. Every day it reminds me of how strong and beautiful my body is which leads me to express that inner beauty through my clothes.

So here’s to a strong, confident, and beautiful FitFashion journey ❤ Make sure to follow me on Instagram @chrissie_boutiquefullblog for more fitness & fashion fun!

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Fashionista Thoughts:

What is one way that fitness has helped you love yourself?

What’s one workout move that makes you feel strong and beautiful?