Pick-me-ups of the Week

Hey Fashionistas,

It’s been pretty rainy and dreary this week which makes me…pretty sad. So naturally, I did what I always do to cheer myself up – put on something cute!

Aerosoles black ankle boots

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world

Charming Charlie’s hot pink statement necklace


Would you expect any other color than pink to brighten up my day?

Elf Baked Eyeshadow

White Sweater Dress


Channeling my inner country girl for work

NYX Curling Mascara

J’adore the wand and how the teeth are spread out to really get to each individual eyelash!



Fashionista Thoughts

What’s one thing in your closet that is your go to pick me up?

What’s your choice of color for a rainy day?

5 fashion thoughts I’ve had this week

Hey Fashionistas,

Have you ever had those moments when you see something unusual or a random thought pops into you head and you can’t stop thinking about it?? Like ALL. DAY. LONG???

Like for instance did you ever wonder…

How do ladies put on makeup on the subway? I mean not just lipstick but the works, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow…everything! Granted, they’ve probably have had years of practice but how do you keep your arms so still? I just started getting into makeup and the only thing I can put on is lipstick…and that is when the train has stopped at a station! So props to all you beautiful ladies out there who can put on makeup on a moving train – YOU GO GIRL!

How do you keep curls so perfectly curled all day? I love curling my hair but the curls are gone within an hour….maybe…if I’m lucky. I mean I’ve looked at tutorials, tried out different tips, and it never stays all day. My hair is naturally very straight so yes, it takes a longer time to curl my hair. But how do you ladies get it to stay? I’ve used tons of hairspray and then my hair becomes stiff and I’m practically suffocating in a cloud of hairspray. I’ve also tried curling my hair after not washing it for a day or two and it stays..but then my hair feels gross.



How old is too old to wear bows? I absolutely love love loveee bows! More than half of my headbands have bows on it, so I guess at 22, it might not always be best to wear bows on a headband….but what about just putting your hair up in a half up do and then tying it with a bow? Is that acceptable for an adult? Then again…. I do consider myself a child at heart ❤

Is brown and black really a fashion no-no or does it not matter anymore? I have these super cute brown suede boots that I usually wear with everything. Yesterday, however, I wore my black Michael Kors pants to work and slipped into my trusty brown boots and I felt super self conscious about making a fashion boo-boo. Now normally, I’m all for you wear what you want and you rock it! But I don’t know….is it really that color clashing/ not fashionable to wear black pants and brown suede boots? Calling for a friend….


Do you ever wish that your Pinterest board would come to life? As a fashionista, I find a lot of my fashion inspiration and clothing ideas on Pinterest. I must spend at least 1 hour or so pinning clothes and shoes every day. Sometimes I just wish that I can wake, open my closet, and all the clothes that I pinned had magically appeared in my wardrobe. I guess a girl can dream…



Fashionista Thoughts:

What is one fashion thought that has been bugging you?

Do you have a Pinterest obsession?

What’s one category you are always pinning?



Fashionista of the Month: Katelyn <3 <3

Hey Fashionistas,

So today’s post is gonna be part of a new blog series called Fashionista of the Month! You probably already guessed it from the title already though…teehee! I’m super excited to do this post 🙂 especially this first post is about my best friend, Katelyn!


This girl is amazing and after rooming together in college, we’ve been the absolute best of friends. You’ll prob seen her in a few of my other posts but this one is all featuring her today!


#prunes #silly

#throwback to my Tie-dye post

My name is Katelyn! I’m 23 (still a weird thing to say, I just had my birthday on the yesterday!), born and raised in Long Beach, CA, then went off to Boston for college where I met the lovely and amazing Christine! I’m currently living the post-grad life back in Long Beach, working at my first real world job at a medical device company and trying to adult in a very adultish type manner but I obviously need some more practice! So, on to the questions!

Who is my style/makeup icon?
Many of my fashion and style icons come from the internet world. They are Youtubers and social media personalities that I have watched for a long time, people that not only have traditionally iconic fashion look but also have amazing and genuine personalities. People such as: Bunny aka Grav3yardgirl and Mykie aka Glam and Gore. These women are beautiful beyond the makeup they apply and beyond the clothes they wear. They choose to use their social media presence to lift up and build all the people of the community they have created! I very much subscribe myself to the idea that you do you, you can wear whatever style you want, you can apply as much or as little makeup as you like, just don’t be afraid to first and foremost be true to yourself. You should never have to hid yourself to conform to someone else’s ideas of who you should be!

What is my fashion and makeup style?
The ideology from above transfers over into my personal style (both fashion and makeup wise) by letting me choose who I want to be that day. Am I super tired today and don’t want to put on makeup? OK then, no makeup and comfy clothes it is. Do I need a boost of confidence to get through the day? A killer outfit and winged liner so sharp it could kill (or at least seriously maim). I am a chameleon of sorts. I change my fashion and makeup styles to fit whatever mood I’m in for the day but if I had to place a name to it, I would say my ideal fashion style is a trendy, grungy, hodgepodge of comfort meets trendy. That probably doesn’t clear up anything but it’s the only way I can think of describing it!

How did I get into Makeup?
Short answer: YouTube. Long answer: Everything is from YouTube. YouTube is love, YouTube is life.
I was in highschool, going through my “emo” stage of wearing black liner all over my eyes and smudged horribly on and just everywhere under my lower lash line. I had been watching vloggers and comedy YouTube for a while and had recently found the makeup gurus. This was when they were in full power, makeup guru’s were taking over YouTube like crazy! I started watching how much fun these women (and men!) were having playing with makeup and how they were using their faces as canvases to create art. I went and bought a 120 color eyeshadow palette online and just went to town! I experimented with color and rainbows and practiced technique after technique late at night, just having fun!
I am now using the wonderful YouTube to start venturing into the world of SFX makeup. Here is the first time I wore it out in public, on Halloween of course!



These are two looks from about three years back, experimenting with colors and glitter.

Capture 2Capture 3

What are some of my favorite brands?
Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll say that I love NYX because it is God’s gift to broke girls who don’t want to take out enormous loans in order to fulfill their desire to still have good quality makeup!
NYX is an affordable mid-range company with a solid reputation and products that are on trend if not trend setting and still amazing quality . Another big push is that they don’t do animal testing, which is a policy I have been trying to find and support in companies in order to become a more conscious consumer. Makeup is for people, not animals.
Due to the fact that until recently I have been in school and have not had much in terms of a disposable income, I have yet to try many of the high-end products. I do have saved on my computer an expansive list of makeup I need to try, preferably before I die. Yes, I have a bucket list that is not filled with worldly places and adventures to take but rather, makeup brands and products!!

What is my go to makeup look?
Currently, I am getting back into a phase of loving the look of full makeup after wearing minimal to no makeup for a few weeks now. The basic outline I follow though is eyes, brows, and lips. My go to eye look is a skin tone shadow over the lid and light contouring with a gray or brown shadow in the crease, then a coating or two of mascara. For eyeliner it varies from a natural look of defining just the upper lash line with some brown shadow to a full winged black gel liner. The picture from my birthday showing how I like to do my thick eyeliner. Since I have hooded eyelids I have to manipulate the placement of my liner to get the look of a clean, crisp thick liner. Just a note, these pictures were taken after about 5 hours of wear so we’ll just call it a “lived in” look! Brows are just an angled liner brush dipped in NYX brow Tame and Frame, then brushed with a clean spooly to evenly distribute the product. As for lips, that all depend on my mood but I’m partial to all things matte and liquid lipsticks.

Capture 4

What is one makeup item that I use every day/ carry with you?
My clutch makeup item right now is the mascara Roller Lash from Benefit. Gahh it is amazing! It curls my lashes without needing to use those scary, medieval torture device-looking lash curlers!

Capture 5

But I have taken to bringing a bag of makeup with me to work in case I feel like putting anything on when I get there, because I have to go in so early that I literally, roll out of bed put on clothes, grab my coffee and get in my car to sit in traffic for an hour to get work. California traffic is just amazing!! Here’s a quick look at what I bring to work.

Capture 6

What is one makeup advice I would give to anyone who has never used makeup?
If you have never used makeup and you want to, take it gradually. Start small and build up to your comfort level. And if you want to experiment with new looks but are afraid of how they will turn out on your face, start off in the comfort of your own home! If something doesn’t work out, that’s ok! Wash it off and try something else. Makeup is a way to express yourself and to have fun! Always remember that!



Fashionista Thoughts

What’s your favorite make up brand?

What’s your go to make up look?

What is one make up item you use every day?

What’s in my Closet: Headbands

Hey Fashionistas,

For those who know me, I take great pride in my headband collection. I would say my headband obsession started in high school when I first saw Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. Seeing her classic style mixed with chic patterns and infamous headbands was inspiring and she automatically became my fashion icon.


Another reason behind my obsession of headbands is the fact that they were a significant way to accessorize with my high school uniform. Yep! I went to an all-girls private Catholic high school. Uniforms were allll the rave there! From the same button-down or polo shirts to the classic plaid kilt (yes….those are called kilts, not skirts…contrary to what they look like) all the way down to the same knee highs, how is a girl to make her uniform her own style? Accessories, of course! Mine were headbands, though to be honest about 70% of my classmates also accessorized with headbands. #originality

Part of my beautiful organized headband collection!!

Part of my beautiful organized headband collection!!

Since then, I’ve grown my headband collection and now I have about more than 30 headbands. Some call it obsessive, I call it…a lifestyle. Headbands became a part of my wardrobe and they are my go-to pop of color when I wear a more simple outfits.

Flowery sundress = leaf-life headbands #ClosestI'llBeWithNature

Flowery sundress = leaflike headbands #ClosestI’llBeWithNature

Headband power on a summery day

Headband power on a summery day

Me and my trusty headbands picking up rocks along the waterfront

Me and my trusty headbands picking up rocks along the waterfront

Lunch date with my sister and my sparkly bow headband :)

Lunch date with my sister and my sparkly bow headband 🙂

Like the girly girl I am, you didn’t expect me to just wear a headband to play up a simple outfit? Of course, I had to bring my headbands to the rest of wardrobe! Remember….Headbands are a lifestyle!

Wearing my Eugenia Kim Rhinestone headband to the Nutcracker with my beautiful friend Sara

Wearing my Eugenia Kim Rhinestone headband to the Nutcracker with my beautiful friend Sara

MEOW! #ArianaGrandeInspiration

MEOW! #ArianaGrandeInspiration

Vintage throwback with my pink and navy polka dotted headband and vintage 50s inspired two-piece swimsuit

Vintage throwback with my pink and navy polka dotted headband and 1950s inspired two-piece swimsuit

If I were to have a favorite headband, it would be this beautiful coach ponytail scarf! I can play it up and tie it into a bow giving me a super cute casual look, or wear it wrapped around my head for a more classic work look.

My favorite Coach ponytail scarf

My favorite Coach ponytail scarf

Wear it as a bow....

Wear it as a bow….

Or wear it like the classic Blair Waldorf (refer to first photo)

Or wear it like the classic Blair Waldorf (refer to first photo)

Headbands are my ultimate favorite accessories to wear! From bows, to classic colors, to fun patterns, headbands are a classic and wearing them is my way of a girly cute lifestyle!



Fashionista thoughts:

Do you wear headbands? How do you style them?

How do you play up your outfit?

Screaming Mimi’s

“Thats all they really want
Some fun
When the workin’ day is done
Oh girls they wanna have fun
Oh girls just wanna have fun”
                                           – Cyndi Lauper, Girls just want to have fun

Hey Fashionistas!

Welcome to the 80s! Want to go back in time even more? How about the 1970s? Not far back enough? Travel all the way back to the roaring 20s! Screaming Mimi’s is all about the vintage fashion style. This boutique is filled with iconic fashion pieces from each decade dating all the way back to the 1920s. Screaming Mimi’s is a very popular place for people to find their costume for a themed party or for Halloween. Complete with costumes and quirky accessories, Screaming Mimi’s gives all fashionistas chances to let their creativity run wild!

If you grew up playing dress up, then Screaming Mimi’s is the place for you! The amounts of outfits you can create are endless. We tried on flapper dresses from the 1920s, prom dresses from the 1950s, tutus, corsets, baby doll dresses, etc. There was even a section of clothes for all of our disco-era lovers to channel their inner John Travolta. And let’s not forget that no outfit is complete withput some fun accessories. The boutique sells gorgeous headdresses, masks, and other popular accessories associated with its respective fashion decade. Screaming Mimi’s is a girl’s dream dress-up closet!

With its lively music and atmosphere, the store invites the customers to go through the racks of clothes and try them on. Although the store aisles are cramped, it actually works to the store’s advantage. Each clothing rack highlights a different theme or decade, so shoppers can see how the fashion fads have changed throughout the years. If the store gets too overwhelming for you, the sales associates are more than willing to help you put together the perfect outfit that you had in mind. They are very friendly and give great advice on how to make each outfit and costume work. This boutique is not only a fun place to shop in but the customers get a fashion 101 on vintage. Who says shopping can’t be educational?

To learn more about Screaming Mimi’s and their exciting costumes, visit their website: http://www.screamingmimis.com/


Chrissie Carly

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