Flywheel: Flying up to new heights

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**Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I didn’t take many photos for this blog¬†since I was too excited and forgot ūüė¶

I took my very first cycling class yesterday!!¬†I’ve never gone cycling before but I’ve heard amazing things about it especially from one of my really good friends, Sarah Gaines of Fit University. She’s a certified cycling¬†instructor! So when I went yesterday, I was thrilled to finally give it a try!

When I arrived, everyone working there was super friendly and let me tell you, the place so clean! Now I’m not sure if all cycling places offer these but at Flywheel, they had free water, apples, and clean towels. It didn’t have that gym smell or yucky air you feel when you walk into a gym or a class. I was immediately pleased with the aesthetics.

Cycling itself was really fun! I got a full body work out and was thoroughly pleased with how I felt afterwards. I’m going to be honest though, it was pretty tough for the first time. When I started “walking” aka biking but standing up, it was a huge adjustment. You had to keep to the tempo but at the same time keep up your pace. I might have almost tripped or felt my hip almost pop out because I picked up my speed to catch up with everyone.

My favorite part of the class was when I was reminded of how awesome and amazing my body is. These past two weeks since Lent has started has really taken a hit on my eating disorder thoughts. I gave up **social media for Lent, which means I’ve had a lot of quiet time lately…which leads to have a lot of time to think – one of those thoughts being my eating disorder. In the middle of the class, I saw myself in the mirror and saw this strong women who was having fun and smiling even though I was exhausted from constantly moving my legs. I felt beautiful, sexy (one word I’ve never ever used on¬†myself before) in the nicest and non-objective way possible, and confident for the first time in a while. I literally felt like I was FLYING!

So what are my final thoughts? Absolutely amazing!
Would I go to another class? Most definitely, though probably not too many times since it is a bit on the pricey side.
Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes, I would. It’s fun and exhilarating!

Of course, right after class Rachel and I went straight to Candle Cafe, a vegan place a couple blocks down, to refuel our body with yummy food!


Sweaty and starving

Best vegan lasagna ever ‚̧


Chrissie Carly

**I gave up social media for Lent so when I need to post blog related things, my sister Erica does it for me!

Workout tips & my new favorite snack

Hey Fit fashionistas,

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….with some fun gym¬†motivation to keep that #gymgrind going!

Going to the gym can get pretty boring…especially if you’re doing the same thing over and over again, am I right?? Don’t get me wrong! I love the gym as you can tell if you follow me on Snapchat and Instagram with my constant gym selfies.

However, sometimes doing the same workout circuits gets boring and personally…that makes me just start slacking off at the gym. So here are some of my tips that help me make my workouts more fun!

Create an awesome playlist. Depending on the type of workout, I’ll change up my gym playlist. Usually,¬†I really like pop and¬†upbeat music just because it just makes me happy and want to dance through my workout…I actually have started dancing at the gym in the middle of a workout ūüėČ Sometimes when I’m feeling stressed and working through some stress and¬†tension, I’ll put on ¬†a “Girl Power” playlist to remind myself of my strength and awesomeness.

My top 2 favorite songs: Can’t stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake &¬†Hair by Little Mix

Planning out your workout ahead of time.¬†I love going through different fitness blogs and especially pinterest and put together my workout the night before. Plus with a set workout, it’s easier to stay focus at the gym instead of constantly thinking up of workouts on the spot. Though, I do enjoy some spontaneity in my workouts sometimes.


Some of my favorite workouts come from these beauties: Tone It Up, Fit University, and Peanut Butter Runner!!

Sign up for fitness classes! It can either be weekly or monthly or just a one time thing. My sister and I during the summer last year ended up going to a free yoga class at Lululemon where I met an amazing yoga instructor! Dina was super fun to work out with and really great with modifying yoga poses for people who had injuries. The best part?? She not only hosts yoga classes but offers yoga with wine!!! #drinkandbefit am I right??


Come up with fun names for your workouts.¬†Squats are squats and jumping jacks are jumping jacks. However, if I change the name and add in a fun twist to it, it makes it more entertaining and creative. Changing “planks” to “Superman planks” makes it so much more fun to do and plus…I mean aren’t we all superstars when we work out.

#throwback to last year when I turned 22!! ‚̧ ‚̧

Bring a friend! I love working out with my friends because you can cheer each other on, especially when it starts to get tough. I love working out with my sister because I know that she would help me push through a tough workout and vice versa.


My favorite workout buddy is my twin Erica!! ‚̧ ‚̧ #meow

Lastly, HAVE FUN!!!¬†Workouts can be super fun – with the right attitude and mindset. Plus who doesn’t like having those endorphins running through you after a good workout? Am I right??

Also, my new favorite post workout snack and honestly snack for whenever – JUICES!! The area where I work has tons of Juice stores and my personal favorite, Juice Carts!! They are super yummy and very very filling. Here’s my personal favorite: Kale, Spinach, Mango, and Banana. *I was too hungry to take a picture of it first #picturefailsofablogger




Fashionista Thoughts:

How do you keep your workouts fun?

What’s your favorite workout move? I would love to give them a try!!

What’s your go-to workout song?

Fashion Fitness – Work it!

Hey Fashionistas,

Recently, I‚Äôve gotten into fitness quite a bit and am often seen wearing workout clothes about 3-4 days out of the week. Fashion is everywhere from the runway, to the streets, and YAASSS, even to the gym! Hey…Just¬†because you get all sweaty and gross working out, doesn’t mean¬†you can look good doing it!

The past couple of years, I’ve been working out every once in a while. Sometimes going strong for a good week or so, while other times I don’t work out for at least a month. I’ve tried everything to motivate myself from inspiration photos to finding accountability buddies, but it never seemed to work. Then I realized that maybe fitness isn’t my favorite thing, but I do know that fashion is my thing. Soo…why not combine them right? UMM…HELLOOO!! Lightbulb moment!

I went out and bought some cute workout clothes and TA DA! It worked. I was wayyy more motivated to go to the gym because I felt good and determined in my new workout clothes. A few months later, I felt fit and now had a whole new wardrobe filled with workout clothes.

photo (27)

How do I choose my workout clothes? The 3 Cs: Cute, Comfy, and Casual. Remember that the gym isn‚Äôt a¬†runway so you want to keep it casual and simple. A simple tank top or t-shirt with yoga pants or running¬†pants will suffice. The workout clothes should be comfortable to ensure that you’re free to work out and do whatever exercise your fashionable heart and mind wants!¬†A good pair of sneakers is also key since exercising tends to be a lot of moving about and you don‚Äôt want to¬†get blisters. Depending on the sport you‚Äôre doing, you would also take into consideration, the breathability¬†of the clothes.

photo (31)

Have I ever mentioned how much I absolutely J’Adore the color pink???

Now here comes my favorite¬†part! COLORS and PATTERNS are what gives you the most versatility in picking¬†out your fitness clothes. I tend to choose simple black or navy yoga pants and shorts since I know I really like to play¬†it up with my tops. I also really like motivational tank tops because those can be a mantra as you work¬†out! I do have a few running shorts in, of course, pink because…why not?? Where do I buy my active wear? Depending on the activity, I’ll buy them in any fitness stores. Recently, I’ve buy most of my workout clothes from Forever 21, Old Navy, and Under Armour.

photo (29)

Fuel Your Fire!

photo (30)

photo (26)

Working out with my fitness partner Karly!! Train like a beast….Look like a beauty ‚̧

photo (25)

Working out is always fun when you have an awesome fitness instructor like Cara!!

My favorite top is a new tank top I actually got from my fitness instructor Cara. She has her own fitness brand, The Balanced Bod and that tanktop is wayyy comfortable. The best part of it is that the top has a sheer pattern so it gives off the illusion of changing colors when you layer it with different camisoles underneath it. Talk about fashion forward! This past week, I paired it with my black and pink running leggings from UnderArmour, and layered a red sports bra, pink camisole underneath it, and of course my warm purple hat (also from UnderArmour). I felt fit and fashionable!

photo (35)

New tank top: Cute (check), Comfy (check), Casual (Check)!

photo (28)

The stripe looks purple, but I promise it’s pink in real life!! I mean, I gotta have my pink!!

photo (34)

My trusty running jacket

photo (33)

Don’t forget about sneakers now! Remember shoes are what complete the outfit. I like basic white sneakers but my twin prefers bright colorful sneakers. She’s a runner and she likes to believe that the more colorful the sneakers are, the faster you run! I seriously doubt it, but heyy she is faster than me so maybe she has a point! Personally, I think it’s just practice and mind over matter.

photo (32)

My plain white Nike Running Sneakers


My twin’s colorful New Balance Running Sneakers

So there you have it! Fitness Fashion from the perspective of yours truly, Me ‚̧ Make sure to check out¬†The Balance Bod ( and follow her on Instagram (@thebalancedbod) for some fun fitness workouts, motivation, and definitely be sure to check out her tank¬†tops!

Fashionista Thoughts:

What do you like to wear when you work out?

What fashion scheme do you have when you work out?

Where do you get your work out clothes?