Feature Fridays: Work From Home 5-Minute Makeup

Who else is feeling cute but lazy when working from home???

On today’s Feature Friday, I’m sharing with you 3 products I’ve been using recently to look cute for those Work from Home Video Calls, but simple enough where it only takes me 5 minutes to put it on every morning. Shoutout to these products for being multi-functional!!

  • Laneige Makeup Serum
  • Fenty Beauty Metal Lipstick in Parka Princess
  • Benefits Cosmetics Benetint in Rose

To start, I like to use the Laneige Makeup Serum to get a nice glowy base. This serum feels really hydrating and tacky enough where I feel like it would definitely be a great primer. The serum itself has tiny little pink flecks that I find really unique and interesting. I don’t feel the flecks when I put the serum on, but it definitely really gives off those “glow from within” vibes.

Laneige Glowy Makeup Serum

While letting the serum sink in, I start working on my eyes. Fenty Beauty has come out with 3 Eye-Lip Crayon sets (no longer available), which are perfect for keeping your makeup routine simple and minimal.

I’ve really been into Parka Princess, which is a light pink/rose metallic shade. It pops up enough on my eyes to give it a pretty glow, but subtle enough where I don’t look like I’m wearing glitter on my eyes. I like to apply this cream product by rubbing the crayon onto my eyelids and then blend it out with my fingers.

Because of how light and shimmery it is, I also like to apply this to my cheeks as highlight. My skin has pink undertones so applying this as a highlight on my cheekbones gives it a very simple “glow within” on top of the Laneige glowy serum.

Fenty Beauty Eye-Lip Crayon Parka Princess (Middle)

The last product I use is Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Cheek + Lip Stain in Rose. This product, like the Fenty Beauty Eye-Lip Crayon, is multifunctional and I like to use this as a blush and lip tint. It is very pigmented so I really only use 1-2 of drops for each of my cheeks and then blend it out with my fingers.

As a lip tint, this is perfect for a subtle red/pink pop of color on the lip without putting on a bright red lip. Similar to the blush, it gives off a nice rosy tint on my lips. My favorite part of using Benetint is that it doesn’t dry out my lips.

Benefit Cosmetics Benetint
Cheek + Lip Stain

Xoxo, Chrissie Carly

So tell me, do you have a 5 minute get ready makeup look? What are some items you’ve been using as a multifunctional product?