5 Fashion Related Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Hey Fashionistas,

Can we talk about how I experienced snow this week….in April?? What. Is. This. Mess?!  I was in Boston last week and I woke up Sunday morning to snow outside the window! And then two days later it was in the 50s! Ugh literally can’t even…



Anyways moving on….by now, you probably have gotten a pretty good idea of my fashion style and who I am. But did you know that…

1. I’m actually awful at putting on makeup. In college, I had my wonderful roommate, Katelyn to do my makeup for any and all occasion. Now that we live across the country from each other, I have to be self sufficient. It’s a good thing the salespeople at ELF Cosmetics are super nice and patient. I’ve actually become pretty good friends with them.

2. The only time I have a full face of makeup is on a Friday night – when I decide to stay in and practice putting on makeup.


That minnie mouse sweater though

3. I actually hated the color pink for about 2 -3 years in middle school. It reminded me of pepto bismo.

4. Like Cher from Clueless, I prefer to take pictures when I try on something new rather than trusting the mirror. As much as I love mirrors, I don’t fully trust them because depending on the angles and lighting, I can look great but in reality, it’s really not a good look for me.  With pictures, I can still see the new look after I leave the store without all the bright lights and mirror angles that sometimes can cloud my judgement.



5. Even though, I’m a NYC girl at heart, my favorite article of clothing is my Patriots sweater that my sister got for me for Christmas. #sorrynotsorry


Pats Nation ❤



Fashionista thoughts:

Did you experience snow this week?

What’s something fashion related that people didn’t know about you?

What’s your favorite sweater for a cozy lazy Saturday?

#OOTDs…and a surprise video

Hey Fashionistas,

It’s been one very fashionable week for me … Especially after my 40 day closet challenge! It’s also been a very long week since I traveled to Boston this past weekend to visit and surprise my BU friends! So this post is gonna be super short – just highlighting my outfits for the week.

Starting Mondays with business chic


Tuesday with a little bit of print


And on Wednesdays, we wear pink

Travel chic Thursdays


Time for a little silliness #terriersNation

From Flex it Fridays with Cara from The Balanced Bod


To Fashion Fridays


And ending with Country Fridays y’all ❤


A little Saturday rain never stopped me from wearing a dress


Ending the week with a little #selfiesundays

….and I also have another surprise for you!! Some of you may not know but I am also very much into fitness. So when I was in Boston, I met up with Cara from The Balanced Bod and Sarah from Fit University. I ended up shooting my very first Zumba dance….which you will have the honor of seeing right now!

*disclaimer: most of the moves I made up myself except for the chorus which I learned straight from the original music video

Make sure to follow me on Instagram @chrissie_boutiquefullblog to see more of my #ootd and #fitlife.



Fashionista Thoughts:

What’s one outfit you wore last week that you really liked?

Do you like zumba?

Have you ever changed into 3 different outfits in one day?



Charming Charlies

Hey Fashionistas,

I haven’t done one of these in ages so here it is – Another boutique review!! Charming Charlies is a girl’s dream store for ones who are all about those accessories. It literally has every accessories a girl can imagine – in every style and color! This gem is on the corner of 5th avenue and 39th st and let me tell you, this place is now officially my go to store for all accessories. Shoutout to my wonderful friend, Jana for introducing me to this store ❤


First of all, let’s just start off with the bright pink doors. If you can’t tell by now, I am obsessed with the color pink so this store definitely caught my heart as I opened the tall doors and walked into my dream closet. Charming Charlies is super 5th avenue chic but extremely affordable. Now as much as I am no longer a college student and am currently working, what girl can’t say to no to affordable prices and sales??

Each station is color coordinated and its wonderful statement necklaces, earrings, and bracelets just sparkle and twinkle everywhere. I was mesmerized by all the jewelry surrounding me but I knew exactly what I was looking for: A bright pink statement necklace that was simple but would give my outfit that pop of color I needed. It was super easy to navigate the store with its color coordination…and not to mention the super helpful and friendly sales associates that are always there to answer any questions.


Can you tell that this is my favorite station??

Another great thing about this store is that it also sells clothing and other necessary accessories along with the beautiful jewelry. Along the walls of the store are color coordinated dresses, handbags, and shoes that are just perfect for the girly and classy look. After a long day at work, this place is ideal for a quick retail therapy, which of course is exactly what I did on St. Patrick’s day. And…with a Buy one, Get another necklace 50% off sale going on, how could I have not bought something to treat myself??

Charming Charlies is definitely the place to go for accessories of all occasions. Whether you’re going to the office, a girl’s night out, date night, or a special party, there is definitely something for you to always find your sparkle!



Fashionista Thoughts:

1. What is one store that’s always provides you a quick retail therapy?

2. What’s your favorite jewelry to wear?

3. Are you more of a gold, silver, or rose gold kinda girl?

A shopping experience from a fashionista recovering from an Eating Disorder

Hey Fashionistas,

As you all can tell by now, fashion is everything to me. I love the way clothes can tell so much about someone’s life. It’s a way to express myself in a fun and beautiful way. A way to express my feelings and personality.



However, it wasn’t always like that. About three years ago during my sophomore year in college, it started becoming a constant mind battle with loving my clothes but hating to wear them because I felt ugly and disgusted with how I looked. I became super picky with how my clothes fit me and hated that clothes that used to fit me in a few years ago started to feel tight. I couldn’t accept the fact that my body was no longer the same little body it was in high school.

One of the worst things about having an eating disorder was going shopping and being scared to try on clothes.I would pick up clothes to try on but once I was on the dressing room line, I would put all the clothes back. Scared to see how I would look in the clothes. I hated seeing myself in the mirror. When I did try on clothes, I hated how I had to try on bigger sizes.  If it wasn’t a size 0 or 1, I would leave the store empty-handed. As much as I loved shopping, shopping for clothes gave me panic attacks and I would buy only accessories.  I went shopping practically every other week and would just stare at all the clothes that I wished I could wear with confidence.



Fast forward to last September, when I went shopping for some new work clothes.  Standing on the dressing room line, I had my arms filled with clothes, all of different sizes due to the different cuts of each apparel. Looking into the mirror, I was thrilled to be  trying on clothes that I knew complimented my body no matter what size I was wearing. I was no longer seeing my body as a number on the scale. After a year of fighting the negative thoughts and eating disorder battle, I had finally started reaching a place where I loved my body. It was starting to get easier with not seeing my body as a number on the scale. For the first time, I saw my body for its true beauty: strong, unique, and beautiful because God had made me in his image and likeness.


My recovery from my eating disorder was a grueling and frustrating journey. However, I wouldn’t have been able to fight it without my wonderful family and friends, who were super supportive and even fought my disorder with me. My roommates and friends would make sure I eat all my meals and would sit by me as I had panic attacks. They constantly reminded me of my worth and beauty. They encouraged me to use the positivity and love that I had for life around me and to refocus that onto myself. #selflove

I joined a fitness class where I met my favorite fitness instructor, Cara of the Balanced Bod, who taught me to love my body by seeing my body’s strength.


My parents and sister would support me and cook all my favorite meals when I came home to visit to ensure that I started seeing food as a yummy nourishment that my body needed.

So as we draw to an end to National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, this post goes out to everyone out there who is either going through an eating disorder or recovering from an eating disorder. Remember that there are so many people who love you. All you have to do is take one little step into the light and everything will fall into place. The journey to recovery never truly ends but every day that one little step means getting closer to loving your body.

For more information about eating disorders and how to help either yourself or someone you love fight ED, check out http://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org.



Fashionista Thoughts:

How do you love your body every day?

What is one thing you love about your body?




Lent: 40 Day Closet Challenge

Hey Fashionistas,

Lent is finally here which means it’s time for a little fasting in preparation for one of my favorite season, Easter! For those who don’t know what Lent is, it is a time when Catholics reflect and live a simpler lifestyle to become closer to God. During this time, typically we give up something that we are heavily attached to – known as Fasting (ie. checking social media every 10 minutes #guiltyascharged). Others might decide to do something that they normally wouldn’t do – known as Service (ie. waking up a little earlier to pray the rosary). The ultimate goal during Lent is to refocus our attention from little distractions to God.

So what am I doing for Lent this year? For those who know me, I have a huge problem of constantly complaining that I have nothing to wear, even though I have a closet and wardrobe filled to the brim with clothes.


So, I have decided to participate in a 40 Day Closet Challenge. It’s pretty much the same as what my role model, Leah Darrow did a while back for the 30 Day Closet Challenge. She only had 7 items of clothing but I decided I’m going to have 9 pieces since my work attire and weekend attire don’t necessarily overlap. Here are the rules:

  1. Choose 9 pieces of clothing (tops and bottoms only). I chose:
    • Black Slacks
    • Black Pencil Skirt
    • Dark Blue Skinny Jeans
    • Cream colored blouse
    • Navy shell blouse with embellished beaded neckline
    • Navy Cardigan with cute gold buttons
    • Mint green fuzzy sweater
    • Maroon and navy striped sweater
    • Red criss cross sweater
  2. Accessories, shoes, jackets, undergarment, and pajamas don’t count
  3. Tank tops (to provide coverage for sheer tops)
  4. Activewear don’t count. They can only be worn during workouts, not on a daily basis.
  5. Be creative!
  6. Pray ❤ ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there you have it! My 9 items of clothing for the next 40 days 🙂  As I chose these items, I kept in mind two things: simplicity and fun. The tops are simple enough to wear to work, yet not too boring that become super dull. The sweaters could easily overlap from work attire to weekend attire. These items also allow me to go from a day to night look! I am so ready to get this challenge started! ❤ ❤


To make this even more fun, I invite all of you to join me! Don’t worry if you don’t participate in Lent or if you don’t believe in the faith! I invite all of my fashion lovers to join me in this challenge because… well why not? It’ll get to really test our fashion creativity and allows us to focus on a more simpler fashion life! (Teehee…never thought I would ever say that!) Just use the hashtag #BBClosetChallenge on Instagram or Twitter to show me your outfits! I can’t wait to start this Fashion Challenge with you ❤



Fashionista Thoughts:

1. What are you doing for Lent?

2. Any fun accessories or shoes you wear to style up a simple outfit?

3. What is your go-to top that you can wear for any occasion?



Workin 9 to 5 Fashion

Hey Fashionistas!

For all my working professionals who recently graduated (…aka about 9 months ago), going from college life to working life can be quite a change. From waking up at 11am for class and ending your day at 3pm to waking up at 6am everyday, heading to the office around 8 or 9am and working to 5pm, it can be a…uh… you know..uh…fascinating transition!


So how do I deal with this transition? By focusing on the the new fashion changes of course! After all, when the going gets tough, dress to beat it 😉 As much as I love getting to wear casual and cute clothes that might not necessarily be work appropriate, there is nothing better than feeling like an adult wearing clothes that just scream business!

The dress code at my job is business casual, so I have a little bit more leeway when it comes to dressing for work. Some days I can wear a nice sweater with some black slacks. Other days, I can dress up it a little more and wear a nice blouse, black skirt and heels. For me, I like to spice up business casual wear with accessories and pops of color!


Because last week was actually warm??

Another great fashion perk at my job is that we have Casual Fridays! Depending on what I’m doing after work or how I’m feeling, I’ll go super casual and laid-back or trendy and chic.


Bringing some more Boston love to work ❤


Casual trendy with navy lace peplum top and classic blue jeans

One thing that I always find a bit tough is going from a day to night look – one that looks professional at work but fun and trendy for a dinner with the girls. My advice is to keep the outfits simple but play with the accessories and make up after work! Another trick you can do (on a warmer day) is to wear a blazer or cardigan in the office and take it off after work.


A simple updo to pretty waves and I’m ready for happy hour!


From the office to a Thai dinner with Alison (blogger of Daily Moves and Grooves)

Overall, business attire can be pretty trendy, of course taking into consideration the company environment you are in. Remember, if you’re dressed the part, “workin’ 9 to 5 doesn’t have to drive you crazy” ❤

*Disclaimer: Business casual attire can vary depending on the work environment. The outfits you saw may not work for all business casual work environment.



Fashionista Thoughts:

What kind of work environment do you work in and how do you dress for it?

What’s your day to night look?

For all my country fans out there, does anyone recognize that last quote from somewhere? 😉

Moose Slippers and a little bit of country??

Happy New Year Fashionistas,

It’s 2016 and of course, what is New Year’s without some sort of resolution? So one of my resolutions this year is blogging more (or at least once a week)…..starting with this blog post!

So now let’s talk about New Year’s outfits! With all the celebrations and parties that led into the new year, fun party outfits are most def a must! Depending on what kind of party you’re going to, you might be wearing sequins and stilettos. Or you might be wearing something a little more elegant if you’re going to a more classier event. (did anyone go to a masquerade party?? those are the best!!)


I started my New Year’s Eve morning heading to the gym in some cute workout clothes and then changed into some more work appropriate attire #preppybutcasual


Coach ponytail scarf as a headband, Ann Taylor black cardigans and purple ruched top, American Eagle jeans, and knee high black heeled boots that I got from my friend (sorry, I couldn’t remember the brand)

Later that night, I had a super fun New Year’s Eve….staying in!! It was a much needed quality family bonding time – eating a yummy dinner, having awesome conversations and starting a 1000-piece puzzle of my second home city, Boston as we waited for the ball to drop! #familyandchill Now just because I stayed in, didn’t mean that I couldn’t have some fun dressing up (or in my case, dressing down). I wore Chip and Dale pjs, a Mickey Mouse Sweater, and at the stroke of midnight, I pulled out my brand new Crazy Moose Slippers!!! #22 #childatheart

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I did end up going out New Years’ night with one of my best friends from Boston. We went out to a country bar dressed in flannel (of course) and I had the chance to use my brand new ELF Cosmetics makeup that I bought right before the New Years. Surprisingly, my friend and I were two of the 4 people who wore flannel. Everyone else wore jeans and sweaters….maybe they were just trying to stay warm?? Either way, I had a super fun time dancing and enjoying some great country music.

So there you have it! My simple but still fashionably cute New Year’s “extravaganza”! As my favorite country singer, Luke Bryan sings, “That’s my kind of night!”



Fashionista thoughts:

Do you have fun crazy slippers?

What kind of outfits did you wear for your New Years’ Eve Party?

What are your New Years’ Resolutions?


#TBT Purdy Girl

Heyyy Fashionistas,

Today I’m throwing it back….wayy back to this past summer when I visited one of my favorite boutiques in NYC, Purdy Girl.

I’m sure many people can relate when I say that choosing the right outfit is sometimes harder than choosing what to make for dinner. Purdy Girl is a one-stop place where a fashionista can find an outfit for any occasion that works for day and night.

The clothes are very chic and girly. Purdy Girl sells clothes that aren’t too specific so each clothing apparel has tons of versatility. Depending on how you wear it and what you can pair it with, you can wear the outfit to multiple occasions. Need a white dress to stand out at a cocktail party? Try on the white sequined dress that Monica wore! But wait…you’re going to a garden party, you say? Wear a simple white a-line dress perfect for warm spring weather.

photo (48)

Monica rocking the big sequins and looking classy ❤

photo (43)

Ready for a garden party!! But first, let’s add in some color with my sunset-colored headband 😉

One of my favorite outfits that I tried on made me feel ready for a Fourth of July celebration.

photo (44)

Navy cut out tank top, high-waisted red shorts (inspired from Mickey Mouse?), white straw fedora with navy band

Now most outfits that I chose were more trendy but fear not! For my more simple and minimal fashionistas, there is a whole wall full of basic tees, tanktops, shorts, etc. Purdy Girl keeps all fashionistas in mind!

photo (52)

Basic tees, tanks, camis, etc + those gorgeous shoes ❤ #strut

Need to have an outfit that goes from day to night? You can change and play up your work outfit with the accessories section in Purdy Girl. There is a huge section right next to the changing rooms decorated with tons and tons of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Talk about prime location! Try some clothes on and walk less than a feet away to spice up the outfit even more!

photo (54) photo (51) photo (53)

The most unique thing that popped out to me were the chandeliers. There were even gold necklaces dangling from the ceiling making it feel more like a huge walk-in closest rather than a store. The store was was bustling with customers, but the sales associates were super aware of what all the customers need. From the time I spent there, I noticed many shoppers were actually frequent customers. The store associates had established a strong relationship with them and knew immediately what they were looking for. Now that is quality customer relationship right there!

photo (41)

photo (46)

Lovee these white lace shorts!! Putting that on my list for my next shopping trip!!

photo (50)

Maxi dresses are best for staying breezy in the summer if you don’t want to show too much skin!

photo (49)

Another favorite type of top I love to wear during the summer are babydoll tops! I love the flowy feeling!

photo (45) photo (42)
















Fashionista Thoughts:

What kind of accessories do you like to wear to make an outfit work from day to night?

Have you gone to a theme party recently? What did you wear to it?

Leave your comments below ❤



Glitz and Glamour

Hey Fashionistas!

Guess who’s back in NYC?? That’s right! Yours truly is back in NYC for spring break which means Shopping galore!!

After two days of catching up on sleep and seeing the family & relatives, I had a mother-daughters shopping day in the city. Erica (my twin), my mom, and I decided to start at 34th street at JCPenney to return a few gowns that my sister had decided not to wear for her senior ball. Naturally with all the dresses around me, I just had to try a few on.

My favorite one was this elegant white mermaid dress.

photo (20)

photo (21)

photo (22)

City Triangles® Strapless Glitter Tulle Long Mermaid Dress

I felt like I was wearing a wedding dress!! I mean…HELLO…What girl doesn’t dream about her wedding dress…and her bridesmaids’ dresses, and the flowers, and….ok, ok I’m drifting…back to the white dress. The rhinestones gave it the perfect glitz and the mermaid bottom gave it that simple elegance. I absolutely loved wearing this dress! Too bad it was a little too long and I wasn’t getting married anytime soon #stillacollegestudent #letsgetajobfirst

After leaving JCPenney, we headed over to Macys where of course, I decided to try on more dresses! Hey…a girl can never try on too many dresses!

This one is my PERSONAL favorite.

photo (23)photo (19)

Jump Juniors’ Strapless Sequin Gown – Pink

It’s pink AND has sequins all over!!! Talk about my dream dress here!! I felt like a celebrity ready for the red carpet in this dress. It was fitted with a sexy slit up the side. This dress was clearly made for HOLLYWOOD! As I wore this dress, all I could think in my head was Pink Champagne by Ariana Grande.

My mother-daughters shopping day was absolutely fantastic. I felt like a princess trying on those dresses!

Make sure to check out Pink Champagne on the link below:

PINK CHAMPAGNE BY ARIANA GRANDE –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOfTdKKK5wU

Fashionista thoughts:

What do you like to do on your mother-daughter days?

What kind of things do you like to shop (or window shop) for?

What kind of dresses do you like to wear?


Chrissie Carly

Screaming Mimi’s

“Thats all they really want
Some fun
When the workin’ day is done
Oh girls they wanna have fun
Oh girls just wanna have fun”
                                           – Cyndi Lauper, Girls just want to have fun

Hey Fashionistas!

Welcome to the 80s! Want to go back in time even more? How about the 1970s? Not far back enough? Travel all the way back to the roaring 20s! Screaming Mimi’s is all about the vintage fashion style. This boutique is filled with iconic fashion pieces from each decade dating all the way back to the 1920s. Screaming Mimi’s is a very popular place for people to find their costume for a themed party or for Halloween. Complete with costumes and quirky accessories, Screaming Mimi’s gives all fashionistas chances to let their creativity run wild!

If you grew up playing dress up, then Screaming Mimi’s is the place for you! The amounts of outfits you can create are endless. We tried on flapper dresses from the 1920s, prom dresses from the 1950s, tutus, corsets, baby doll dresses, etc. There was even a section of clothes for all of our disco-era lovers to channel their inner John Travolta. And let’s not forget that no outfit is complete withput some fun accessories. The boutique sells gorgeous headdresses, masks, and other popular accessories associated with its respective fashion decade. Screaming Mimi’s is a girl’s dream dress-up closet!

With its lively music and atmosphere, the store invites the customers to go through the racks of clothes and try them on. Although the store aisles are cramped, it actually works to the store’s advantage. Each clothing rack highlights a different theme or decade, so shoppers can see how the fashion fads have changed throughout the years. If the store gets too overwhelming for you, the sales associates are more than willing to help you put together the perfect outfit that you had in mind. They are very friendly and give great advice on how to make each outfit and costume work. This boutique is not only a fun place to shop in but the customers get a fashion 101 on vintage. Who says shopping can’t be educational?

To learn more about Screaming Mimi’s and their exciting costumes, visit their website: http://www.screamingmimis.com/


Chrissie Carly

IMG_0826  IMG_0839 IMG_0836 IMG_0833 IMG_0832IMG_0846