OOTD: Govenors Ball

Hey Fashionistas,

So I went to my very first music festival this past weekend – Governors Ball! It was so much fun (despite the port-a-potties) and I couldn’t stop smiling all day. I loved every second of it – from eating the super yummy food to listening to music I’ve never heard of until now (teehee) to spending time with some of my best friends.


Now for all my fashionistas and makeup lovers who have gone to music festivals, you all know that festival attire and makeup are, of course, of utmost importance! Some of the makeup looks I saw at the festival were gorgeous – elaborate face paintings, jewelry and beading on the face, etc. I, however, went for a more natural makeup look, BUT I did change things up with the eye makeup. Ever since I came back from San Diego, I’ve really been into the bronze gold look. For Governors ball, I decided to go with a rose pink look to match my flower crown.

I knew that I was going to be dancing in warm weather so I made sure to use my new BB cream from Clinique – Clinique Acne Solution BB Cream SPF 40. It was the perfect lightness to even out my skin tone without clogging my pores AND protect my face from the sun!

Now moving on to a little #OOTD…

For Governors ball, I wanted the focal point to be my flower crown so I opted for pretty basic colors with subtle pops of pink to complete the look. I chose my favorite cream colored lace tank top and threw that over a hot pink bralette. I wore that with my favorite pair jean shorts and some simple white sneakers. I also made sure to bring a light sweater since it was definitely going to be cold at night. We didn’t leave Gov Ball until 11pm!

This was my very first music festival and I had such a blast! I can’t wait until my next music festival or concert!!


Chrissie Carly

Fashionista Thoughts

What do you wear to music festivals?

Have you ever been to Governors ball or maybe you were there this past weekend??

OOTD: Superbowl Sunday

Hey Fashionistas,

Time to put your game face on and get ready for the SUPERBOWL!! Now I’m not sure how big of a fan you are, but I am a huge football fan! Go Patriots!! #patsnation #drivefor5



**Side note: A lot of my friends were shocked that I was so into football. But hey…just because a girl likes all things pink and glitter, doesn’t mean that she’s not into sports.

Now you’re probably thinking, why is a girl born and raised in NYC such a huge Patriots fan? Well…I went to college in Boston (Go Terriers!!) and really started getting into football there. So…being a college girl acclimating to Boston, naturally I would fall in love with the Patriots!

So by now, you can probably guess that with today’s special event, of course I have to dress for the occasion.


And of course, a little makeup never hurt anyone.

Silver smokey eyeshadow with navy blue eyeliner



Chrissie Carly

Trendy Tuesdays: Leather Jackets

Hey Fashionistas,

Welcome back to another series of mine: #trendytuesdays, where I talk about a favorite  trend that I’ve been into lately. I did one last year and I’m bringing it into the new year. Today, we’re talking about the classic leather jackets.

Now when you meet me, I’m pretty much the classic girlie girl who loves all things pink, glitter, and will always pick a dress over jeans any day. However, for this look, I decided to take my rebel side out for a spin.

I decided to go for a tough girlie look and paired the jacket with a cream leaf patterned sweater. Add some dark blue jeans tucked into some black leather boots to the look. And of course for the final touches, I decided to curl my hair to completely transform my look.


This look was super fun to wear and I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can come up with more outfits featuring the classic leather jacket.


Chrissie Carly



Merry Christmas OOTD

Merry Christmas Fashionistas!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! Today is my favorite day of the year! Christmas is finally here and OMG I can’t wait for the all the festivities to begin – Baby Jesus, Midnight mass, yummy food, family bonding, oh the list just goes on and on!

But you know me by now, of course I can’t forget all the OOTDs that go along with Christmas!

Let’s start with Christmas Eve shall we?

My very first midnight mass #blessed


Ready to greet baby Jesus with red lipstick and a gold headband


Christmas Day Jammies #santaself


Christmas Day outfit


Merry Christmas ❤




Fashionista thoughts:

What did you wear this Christmas?

Any fun makeup looks you tried today?

10 Thoughts on surviving my first 10K

Hey Fit Fashionistas,

So I did it!!! A miracle has happened! Praise the Lord!! I survived my very first 10K this past Saturday!!

Ok…ok…so I’m being a tad bit of a drama queen. The NYRR mini 10K was actually pretty fun. I ran my very first race with my twin Erica, who has been doing races for a pretty long time now. What makes this NYRR mini 10K so special is that this is an all women’s race, some are consistent runners, while others like me are doing this for the very first time. There were even elite runners…you know.. the ones that can actually qualify for the Olympics!! The weather was nice and there were tons of beautiful strong women cheering and supporting each other.

The best part of the race was seeing my twin at sidelines near the finish line cheering for me!! She finished way before me so it was amazing to see her wonderful smile at the finish line. So in reality, it wasn’t really all that bad….but the mental journey I went through was definitely….something.

1. Race day! Let’s do this. I got my cute new pink purple printed running capris and my brand new pink and navy new asics running shoes. CARPE DIEM!!

2. Woooo! We’re here! I am all stretched and ready to go!


3. Ok this is all pretty decent. All flat and pretty easy. Oh Heyyy look that! Mile 2 already! Killing it Christine..ohh water station!!

4. Uphill…uphill…ok not too bad yet. I can do this! Focus on getting to mile 3, push through it!

5. Wowwww I am really hungry. And where is this water station?? Is this some sort of sick joke? Are they trying to kill me? Does this hill end?

6. Ok Christine, focus on your breathing…focus. Why am I so hungry?? Ughh that little waffle felt like hours ago. Oh no…I’m going to throw up.

7. Omgawd…this is never going to end. When did Central Park become so big? Hail Mary, Full of grace…. Oh thank gawd water station!!

8. Werkk!! Yass!! Ok mile 5 done. One more mile! Now where is that finish line?? Why in the world is it all the way over there? Is this rigged?

9. There it is! I see it! The finish line…ok tunnel vision time! You can do this. Just get to the…ohh HIII ERICA!!

10. Weeee!! I did it 🙂 I can’t believe I actually finished! My very first race and I survived! Is this real li…. Ohh pink bagels.. Yum!!


PR: 11:05 min/mile


Such an honor to even meet some of the elite runners of the race!


Best prize of all ❤ ❤




P.S. Current mood (also this is like my favorite filter everrr)


Fashionista Thoughts:

Have you ever done a race? How did you feel during? After?

Any tips to share to making races less…painful (of course during the run)?

What’s your favorite food to eat after the race? Mine is really the fries but why not go for a burger while I’m at it, right?


Memorial Day Fashion Finds

Hey Fashionistas,

Sorry for the long MIA and Happy Memorial Day! Shoutout and many thanks to all the men and women in service who are constantly protecting our nation!!

Whether you are outside at the beach, bbq-ing with friends, or just staying at home spending time with the family, I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day Weekend. Most of my 3-day weekend was spent shopping and of course, taking advantage of those amazing sales! I bought:

Asics Running Printed Capris

Ascis Running Shoes: GT-2000 3

The more colorful your sneakers are, the faster you run 🙂

Kate Spade Cuff Bracelet 


American Eagle Sleeveless Blouse



Hollister Summer Dresses

Lace-Up Strappy-Back Dress


Smocked-Back Chiffon Dress


…..and my favorite buy of the weekend…… Coach Nolita pink satchel in pebble leather!! 

Isn’t this just a beauty!! I ordered this online just yesterday so clearly it hasn’t arrived yet, but I can’t wait to finally hold it in person ❤ ❤

Now this next fashion buy, I don’t technically have it with me anymore but I did take myself out on a movie date to watch Captain America!! A lot of action, super powers, and a lot of hot men (in suits?? uniforms??)…but my eye was only on one guy 😉 Seriously, what more can a girl ask for??

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 4.40.28 PM.png



Fashionista Thoughts:

What did you do this Memorial Weekend?

What were some fashion finds you found this weekend?

Who’s your favorite Marvel superhero??


Trendy Tuesdays: Spring Dresses

Hey Fashionistas,

Happy Tuesday! Today’s post is the first of my new blog series Trendy Tuesdays, where I highlight one new popular fashion trend that I’ve been noticing. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this week’s trend are spring dresses!

I’ve been reading and following more fashion bloggers lately, I’ve realized that every one of them at one point has talked about spring dresses – which makes perfect sense since it’s been feeling a lot like spring!

As a girlie girl fashionista, of course dresses are going to be a staple in my wardrobe.

Lately, I’ve really been into lace/ eyelet dresses. Pastel/ Easter color dresses are also another favorite classic spring look for me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve been really obsess with some of these Spring styles and hopefully will be able to expand my spring look soon 🙂

To find some super cute dresses, I usually shop at American Eagle, Hollister, and Express. These stores offer the perfect sizes and cuts for petite girls like me ❤



Fashionista Thoughts

What is your spring style?

What’s one trend that you’ve been noticing lately?

What’s your favorite Spring color?

Pick-me-ups of the Week

Hey Fashionistas,

It’s been pretty rainy and dreary this week which makes me…pretty sad. So naturally, I did what I always do to cheer myself up – put on something cute!

Aerosoles black ankle boots

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world

Charming Charlie’s hot pink statement necklace


Would you expect any other color than pink to brighten up my day?

Elf Baked Eyeshadow

White Sweater Dress


Channeling my inner country girl for work

NYX Curling Mascara

J’adore the wand and how the teeth are spread out to really get to each individual eyelash!



Fashionista Thoughts

What’s one thing in your closet that is your go to pick me up?

What’s your choice of color for a rainy day?

5 fashion thoughts I’ve had this week

Hey Fashionistas,

Have you ever had those moments when you see something unusual or a random thought pops into you head and you can’t stop thinking about it?? Like ALL. DAY. LONG???

Like for instance did you ever wonder…

How do ladies put on makeup on the subway? I mean not just lipstick but the works, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow…everything! Granted, they’ve probably have had years of practice but how do you keep your arms so still? I just started getting into makeup and the only thing I can put on is lipstick…and that is when the train has stopped at a station! So props to all you beautiful ladies out there who can put on makeup on a moving train – YOU GO GIRL!

How do you keep curls so perfectly curled all day? I love curling my hair but the curls are gone within an hour….maybe…if I’m lucky. I mean I’ve looked at tutorials, tried out different tips, and it never stays all day. My hair is naturally very straight so yes, it takes a longer time to curl my hair. But how do you ladies get it to stay? I’ve used tons of hairspray and then my hair becomes stiff and I’m practically suffocating in a cloud of hairspray. I’ve also tried curling my hair after not washing it for a day or two and it stays..but then my hair feels gross.



How old is too old to wear bows? I absolutely love love loveee bows! More than half of my headbands have bows on it, so I guess at 22, it might not always be best to wear bows on a headband….but what about just putting your hair up in a half up do and then tying it with a bow? Is that acceptable for an adult? Then again…. I do consider myself a child at heart ❤

Is brown and black really a fashion no-no or does it not matter anymore? I have these super cute brown suede boots that I usually wear with everything. Yesterday, however, I wore my black Michael Kors pants to work and slipped into my trusty brown boots and I felt super self conscious about making a fashion boo-boo. Now normally, I’m all for you wear what you want and you rock it! But I don’t know….is it really that color clashing/ not fashionable to wear black pants and brown suede boots? Calling for a friend….


Do you ever wish that your Pinterest board would come to life? As a fashionista, I find a lot of my fashion inspiration and clothing ideas on Pinterest. I must spend at least 1 hour or so pinning clothes and shoes every day. Sometimes I just wish that I can wake, open my closet, and all the clothes that I pinned had magically appeared in my wardrobe. I guess a girl can dream…



Fashionista Thoughts:

What is one fashion thought that has been bugging you?

Do you have a Pinterest obsession?

What’s one category you are always pinning?



FitFashion Fabulous

Hey Fashionistas …. and FitFam!

Surprise! I’m expanding my blog and adding a little section about…you guessed it! FITNESS!! ❤



Why am I doing this? If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice that half of my posts are about fitness. Fitness has played a pretty big part in my life in fully learning how to love fashion in a way not to cover my flaws but instead to express myself in a confident and beautiful way. Fitness has and is still helping me fight my eating disorder. Every day it reminds me of how strong and beautiful my body is which leads me to express that inner beauty through my clothes.

So here’s to a strong, confident, and beautiful FitFashion journey ❤ Make sure to follow me on Instagram @chrissie_boutiquefullblog for more fitness & fashion fun!

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Fashionista Thoughts:

What is one way that fitness has helped you love yourself?

What’s one workout move that makes you feel strong and beautiful?