OOTD: Superbowl Sunday

Hey Fashionistas,

Time to put your game face on and get ready for the SUPERBOWL!! Now I’m not sure how big of a fan you are, but I am a huge football fan! Go Patriots!! #patsnation #drivefor5



**Side note: A lot of my friends were shocked that I was so into football. But hey…just because a girl likes all things pink and glitter, doesn’t mean that she’s not into sports.

Now you’re probably thinking, why is a girl born and raised in NYC such a huge Patriots fan? Well…I went to college in Boston (Go Terriers!!) and really started getting into football there. So…being a college girl acclimating to Boston, naturally I would fall in love with the Patriots!

So by now, you can probably guess that with today’s special event, of course I have to dress for the occasion.


And of course, a little makeup never hurt anyone.

Silver smokey eyeshadow with navy blue eyeliner



Chrissie Carly

5 Fashion Related Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Hey Fashionistas,

Can we talk about how I experienced snow this week….in April?? What. Is. This. Mess?!  I was in Boston last week and I woke up Sunday morning to snow outside the window! And then two days later it was in the 50s! Ugh literally can’t even…



Anyways moving on….by now, you probably have gotten a pretty good idea of my fashion style and who I am. But did you know that…

1. I’m actually awful at putting on makeup. In college, I had my wonderful roommate, Katelyn to do my makeup for any and all occasion. Now that we live across the country from each other, I have to be self sufficient. It’s a good thing the salespeople at ELF Cosmetics are super nice and patient. I’ve actually become pretty good friends with them.

2. The only time I have a full face of makeup is on a Friday night – when I decide to stay in and practice putting on makeup.


That minnie mouse sweater though

3. I actually hated the color pink for about 2 -3 years in middle school. It reminded me of pepto bismo.

4. Like Cher from Clueless, I prefer to take pictures when I try on something new rather than trusting the mirror. As much as I love mirrors, I don’t fully trust them because depending on the angles and lighting, I can look great but in reality, it’s really not a good look for me.  With pictures, I can still see the new look after I leave the store without all the bright lights and mirror angles that sometimes can cloud my judgement.



5. Even though, I’m a NYC girl at heart, my favorite article of clothing is my Patriots sweater that my sister got for me for Christmas. #sorrynotsorry


Pats Nation ❤



Fashionista thoughts:

Did you experience snow this week?

What’s something fashion related that people didn’t know about you?

What’s your favorite sweater for a cozy lazy Saturday?