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Hey Fashionistas …. and FitFam!

Surprise! I’m expanding my blog and adding a little section about…you guessed it! FITNESS!! ❤



Why am I doing this? If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice that half of my posts are about fitness. Fitness has played a pretty big part in my life in fully learning how to love fashion in a way not to cover my flaws but instead to express myself in a confident and beautiful way. Fitness has and is still helping me fight my eating disorder. Every day it reminds me of how strong and beautiful my body is which leads me to express that inner beauty through my clothes.

So here’s to a strong, confident, and beautiful FitFashion journey ❤ Make sure to follow me on Instagram @chrissie_boutiquefullblog for more fitness & fashion fun!

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Fashionista Thoughts:

What is one way that fitness has helped you love yourself?

What’s one workout move that makes you feel strong and beautiful?

#OOTDs…and a surprise video

Hey Fashionistas,

It’s been one very fashionable week for me … Especially after my 40 day closet challenge! It’s also been a very long week since I traveled to Boston this past weekend to visit and surprise my BU friends! So this post is gonna be super short – just highlighting my outfits for the week.

Starting Mondays with business chic


Tuesday with a little bit of print


And on Wednesdays, we wear pink

Travel chic Thursdays


Time for a little silliness #terriersNation

From Flex it Fridays with Cara from The Balanced Bod


To Fashion Fridays


And ending with Country Fridays y’all ❤


A little Saturday rain never stopped me from wearing a dress


Ending the week with a little #selfiesundays

….and I also have another surprise for you!! Some of you may not know but I am also very much into fitness. So when I was in Boston, I met up with Cara from The Balanced Bod and Sarah from Fit University. I ended up shooting my very first Zumba dance….which you will have the honor of seeing right now!

*disclaimer: most of the moves I made up myself except for the chorus which I learned straight from the original music video

Make sure to follow me on Instagram @chrissie_boutiquefullblog to see more of my #ootd and #fitlife.



Fashionista Thoughts:

What’s one outfit you wore last week that you really liked?

Do you like zumba?

Have you ever changed into 3 different outfits in one day?